Privacy and Data Protection Policy

MAQĒ ESSENCIAL LTD, demonstrates full respect for the privacy and confidentiality of our customers’ personal data, which are made available to them by different communication channels and therefore, you can find here all the information about how they are processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Law.


COMMITMENT – USERS’ registration data are not disclosed to third parties, except when necessary for the delivery process, for collection or participation in promotions. Your personal data is a fundamental part for a personalized service and tailored to your needs.

This Privacy Notice describes the general privacy practices that we apply to the collection and use of personal information.


Where do we collect personal data from users?

Maqē actively collects personal data through its website www.maqeeessential.com and via registration in social media campaigns, already regulated.


What is the purpose of collecting personal data?

Personal data are collected from a marketing/commercial perspective, with explicit consent of its owners, thus allowing Maqē to make known its services, products and other useful information by email or telephone, as well as to keep active contact with them until one of the parties does no longer expresses any interest.


What is the collection of personal data for?

All the information collected is for the sole use of Maqē, in which it agrees not to sell, exchange, rent or share them with third parties without the consent of the user in a lawsuit, except by court decision or legal entity empowered to do so.

The information collected is organized internally and can be used for the following purposes:

Improve the services and products we provide;

Improve customer service;

Send periodic information via email or telephone call, which may be of interest to users.


How are personal data processed?

The data is collected directly by Maqē and processed for sending information by email or telephone call, in the terms described above. The data is treated confidentially, being stored in a database of restricted access to employees who need it for the purposes for which they are intended as described previously.


How is personal data collected?

Personal data is collected through our website and online and offline advertising campaigns. In the case of the website, we collect directly (by filling out forms where the data is requested) and indirectly (by registering actions carried out by visitors of the website that are essentially anonymous but in some cases may allow their identification). Indirectly, they include electronic communication protocols, cookies, partner addresses, transparent pixel platforms, other widgets or georeferencing data available.


What level of computer security is applied to the personal data?

We use technologically advanced and secure measures to protect all information collected. The data collected through the Maqē website is communicated via the Internet network under a secure SSL protocol. This type of communication is not tamper proof but currently corresponds to the best guidelines of action in terms of online security of a website. Additionally, the data is stored in databases managed internally in a secure manner in a carefully managed management system.


What do we do in the event of a breach of our information and security systems?

In the event that it occurs and that it proves to result in unauthorized access by third parties to your personal data, we will inform you by email and report the situation to the competent authorities.


How do I know what personal data is being processed by Maqē?

To know what personal data we are processing, just send us this request by email or by phone.


Can this privacy policy change without notice?

Yes, depending on the evolution of the legislation it is possible that the privacy policy in force at Maqē could be changed, provided that it is informed to the user by email or other legal means.


Do you have any questions about our Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at maqeessential@gmail.com.

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